WFSport is a collection of CG operator modules especially developed to collect statistic data and display graphical information on live sport broadcasts.

Main advantages are:

  • use the same UI with all the designs of one sport,
  • exchangeable design at runtime,
  • same UI in different languages,
  • graphic items in different languages,
  • very similar UI in different sports,
  • same UI on different graphic systems,
  • automatic or on demand download of statistics
  • connected to official timers (e.g. Swiss Timing on swimming events)

As WFSport is only an operator UI, you must have a broadcast graphics system that makes it possible to show graphics during the events. WFSport modules just controls this graphics system, and fills up the graphics with recent data. Currently there are two systems WFSport is able to work with:

Since WFSport modules are standardized, it's easy to adapt to any new graphical system which supports third party control.